Archimede Seguso

One of the top names and the real revolutionary in the conservative world of Murano Glass was Archimede Seguso.

It all started with Archimede Seguso, born on the island of Murano, in 1909.Shy, brilliant and quite distinguished, Archimede Seguso was a man of intellect, yet at the same time, he used the art of glass making to express himself.  By the age of 17 he became a master and a partner in the furnace he worked in.  1946 – Archimede had achieved total freedom and maturity in the artistic field, and therefore decided to open his own workshop, Vetreria Seguso Archimede. This new atelier would see his new creations flourish and thrive: his delicate “filigrane”, the famous “piume” and “merletti”, his vases and his countless chandeliers. It was in this atelier that Seguso became one of the finest Venetian glassblowers in the world.

Archimede’s love for Murano Glass is also kept alive thanks to the many craftsmen who incorporate his very essence into every piece they make: the creativity, the boldness, the grace, and the elegance. From the Venice Biennale, to the Triennale in Milan, to the Palazzo Ducale and the Murano Glass Museum, his artworks can still be appreciated by many. Churches, theaters and museums proudly preserve his memory – full of intricate chandeliers and vases – documenting a piece of Murano’s history and bewildering the world with it. It’s no surprise that historian Giuseppe Kappa named Archimede Seguso the “living encyclopedia of glass”.