Ermanno Nason

Ermanno Nason was born in Murano on July 21st, 1928 in one of the islands oldest families of master glassmakers. He made his first acquaintance with his father Italo’s glass furnace at the tender age of ten. “I began working when I was still at elementary school and my passion for glass was so strong that every day, after school, I went to my father’s glass furnace. Notwithstanding the rigour of glass making I always found him satisfied and content with his work”.

After Ermanno left elementary school he divided his time between glass furnaces and the apprentice glassmakers school “Abate Zanetti”, then run by Professor Vittorio Zecchin. In this period he worked and learned his trade in various firms, including Pinzan & Cimarrosti where he was proclaimed master glassmaker at 18.