Giampaolo Seguso

Giampaolo Seguso was born on November 17, 1942 in Murano.”.
The first work signed by Giampaolo with his name was done in 1983
Ten years later, he founded together with his sons Seguso Viro glass.

In the same year, in honor of the Divine Comedy, it was born the project “La Galleria dei 99”, divided in 3 studies. In 1994, 33 works of the first study are published in the book “L’Incalmo”. In 2001 he published the book “La Ragnatela”, which gathers 33 works of the second study. In 2007, the publication of the book “Pagine di Vetro” is an important step in the search for expression path of Giampaolo Seguso since it marks the passage from poet to “poet of glass.” Poet, philosopher, artist, Giampaolo creates works that express a personal synthesis between spirit and matter, using glass as a “page” on which to engrave his poems.

His works are in major museums around the world: from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the Museum of Modern Art and the Corning Museum in New York. He works in his studio in Murano, where he received the glass collectors and experts from around the world.