Glass is many things: colors, harmonies, shapes, transparencies, opacities, softness and rigidity; these are all complexities that the artist Marty, Lorenzo Tartari ferrarese d’origine, transmits with his works. The experimentation and use of particular techniques allow Marty’s work an absolute uniqueness. “arabesque” was born when a milanese friend of Lorenzo (who presented telesales in a well-known tv channel), has proposed him a habibian carpet. although he was not a lover of Persian carpets … this had struck him for this complicated rose window in the center. Therefore Marty wanted to replicate this type of interlacing different colors to create continuous abstract shapes.The first piece produced with this technique is a dish; printed and then open to not deform the drawing, but it was broken in harden. Herefore the artist has arranged the arabesque technique to make vessels blown with shapes that allowed him to not deform too much the drawing.